Sports Massage – Application and Benefits

Many people in the modern world are involved in one or more sports in their life. Apart from professional sports men and women there are sporting activities undertaken for leisure by some people. Whether you undertake sports for leisure or professionally, you would still suffer muscular strains and fatigue. The level of fatigue and muscular strain depends on the type of sport and the extent of involvement. For instance professional sports men and women would generally experience more muscular tensions than those who undertake sports for leisure. Such situations call for massage therapy.

By definition sports massage is the use of physical therapy on human muscular tissues. It generally involved pressing the muscle of a human being with the primary aim of bringing relaxation to the strained muscle. The fact that little equipment is needed has made massage therapy popular for many years. In the past, sports massage was undertaken among sports men and women. This has changed since massage therapy has become a discipline that is studied hence there are professionals to do it.

One needs massage after sports for various reasons. The first one is that it helps in softening the stiffness of muscles occasioned by the accumulation of lactic acid. This is vital for one who wants to be a regular sports man or woman. The second thing is that healing of muscles can be expedited by application of sports massage. The third importance is the alignment of fibers of muscles.

What is the process of massage therapy? Various techniques can be used. First there is the technique of using the open palm to apply light strokes on the muscle. The strokes must be towards the heart. This method has the advantage of applying massage oil evenly and preparing the skin for deep strokes. The Kneading technique is the second one. This entails the use of knuckles of the hand to apply pressure on muscular areas. The application of this technique is in deep massage therapy. Last of the techniques is the friction method. It entails using the thumb to systematically apply strong pressure in a circular manner.

Massage therapy does not require many equipment. Basically you need a massage lubricant. Massage oil is most people’s lubricant of choice. However in its absence there are those who use baby oil since it also serves as a lubricant. Other than massage oil, you only need a surface that is comfortable for the person receiving massage to lie on. Sports men and women from Longwood, Florida are frequent recipients of massage therapy due to their frequent program of sporting events. The same can be said about those in Winter Park, Colorado.

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